Today's Recipe - Matthi (Savoury Fried Rounds)

Contains Egg: No

Ingredents: 150 gm flour 1/2 tsp salt 1 1/2 tbsp melted ghee 1/2 tsp cumin seed / fennel seeds / ajwain

Method: In a bowl mix all ingredients, to make firm dough. Roll out into thin discs.fry over a gentle flame until crisp and lightly coloured.

Indian Recipes Many people who have already mastered the art of American cooking will be looking for new cultures of food to cook. Indian recipes are always a favorite among people who want to learn a new culture of food. There are many different recipes for the same dish in India, and just as with any kind of recipe, you have to test and adjust to your own likings when making an Indian dish. As you read through the Indian recipes that are available online and in Indian cookbooks, you can look at the ingredients to see if you think you would like to try and make the recipe or not. If you know a little something about cooking, you will know what ingredients you like to see put together and this will help with your decision about what kind of dish you want to make. You may not like as much curry in a dish as the Indian recipes call for, so you can cut that down in the dish you make if you want to. Itís a personal choice just like when you are cooking any other kind of food. You donít always put all of the ingredients in all the recipes you have tried in the past and found that you enjoy the food much better when it is tailored to your personal tastes. Trying Indian recipes is something any cook should try because the Indian cuisine has lots to offer people who love good flavor and textures in their foods.

Indian Food Recipes Indian food recipes offer some of the widest range of foods that you will ever come across. Rice dishes are one of the favorites among Indian cooks and serve as a nice base for any main dish. Many of the main dishes will call for a certain type of Indian rice dish to be served with in the recipe. Knowing how to find and make rice of different kinds can be found anywhere there are other Indian food recipes. Even though the Indian recipes will call for a certain kind of rice, most of the dishes can be cooked with any long grained rice as a substitute. Rice dishes are typically among the easiest of all Indian food recipes to substitute ingredients for. They are also one of the easiest recipes to follow. The aroma of rice cooked from an Indian food recipe will surprise you as it fills the room. Many of the ingredients smell so good as they are flavoring the rice that you will want to serve it often just to fill your home with the wonderful smells produced while cooking. The look of the rice made from Indian food recipes is important as well. They like to have colorful ingredients included which can really make your dinner plate look appealing for you and your guests who get to sample the rice. If you are wanting to get started cooking Indian foods, start with a rice dish so that you can say you have made something from one of the Indian food recipes you found.

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